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Contact Lenses 3Many individuals suffering from eyesight problems are considering switching from wearing traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses. Because of advancing technology, patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurry vision, and age-related vision problems now have the ability to have nearly perfect eyesight with contact lenses.

Daily Wear

Soft contact lenses designed for daily wear are usually the most affordable option. These types of lenses can be worn throughout the day. They are removed each night at bedtime, to be disinfected and cleaned. How long the contact lenses last is often dependent on the design by the manufacturer.

Extended Wear

Individuals that suffer from eyesight problems can benefit by wearing soft contact lenses that are designed for extended wear. Just like daily wear contact lenses, these need to be removed at bedtime, cleaned and disinfected. Wearing them overnight does increase the potential of eye infections. However, it is often the result of extended wear over many nights in a row.

Disposable Contacts

There are even soft contact lenses that are designed to be disposable. These tend to be the most expensive option in eye care. Disposable contact lenses are manufactured for a recommended period including monthly, weekly or daily. Once the contact lenses have reached their limit of wear, they can be discarded. These are highly effective for individuals that do not tolerate disinfection solutions well, or are willing to pay a high premium for the convenience it provides.

Hard Contact Lenses

There have been huge advancements in hard contact lens technology over the last few decades. Many lenses are built rigid and gas permeable while still providing a crisp, clear vision to tackle nearly any eyesight problem. In fact, hard contact lenses tend to have more breathability than a soft contact lens, which will reduce the potential of eye infections.

To maintain a crisp, clear vision, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and preparing every set of contact lenses.

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