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Focus DailiesThere is no reason why contact lens wearers should have to clean their lenses every night.  Instead, they can simply throw them away!  Focus Dailies contact lenses are a daily lens that keep the eyes feeling fresh throughout the day.  Every time the wearer blinks, the lens will release a moisturizing agent.  The amount of moisture released is just right.  Users will no longer have to worry about their eyes becoming too dry or too wet!

An added benefit of this product is that the lenses are stable.  They will not shift around in the eye or fall out.  Fog is also not an issue with Focus Dailies.  These features make this brand of daily lenses a perfect alternative to glasses.

Daily contact lenses can be worn underneath protective eyewear.  People with poor vision no longer have to do without sunglasses.  They can now pair up their lenses with a pair of sunglasses and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

As these lenses are designed to last for a single day, they are very soft.  That being said, they are still durable and resistant to pollen and protein build-up.  Even people with allergies can wear Focus Dailies.

The lenses themselves contain AquaRelease moisturizer.  This moisturizer is made of the same lubricant that is found in eye drops.  Focus Dailies wearers will not have to use eye drops in addition to their lenses.  This will save them a good amount of time and money.

Some people do not like the idea of inserting a new pair of lenses every day.  These consumers will be pleased to learn that the insertion process is quick and easy.  In fact, the lenses have marks on them for guided insertion.  These marks will not affect the color of the eyes and cannot be seen when the lenses are in the eyes.  Putting in a new pair of lenses is actually quicker than cleaning lenses every day.

Users of Focus Dailies will save room in their purse or backpack.  As they do not have to carry around cleaning supplies, their bag will be lighter.  Consumers should carry around an extra pair of lenses in case they lose one.

Focus Dailies are a great product that correct vision and keep the eyes moisturized.  They are suitable for those who wear lenses every day and for people who only wear them occasionally.  Consumers who are interested in this product should speak to their optometrist.  Dailies can be purchased in boxes of 90 lenses.

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