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Focus DailiesThere is no reason why contact lens wearers should have to clean their lenses every night.  Instead, they can simply throw them away!  Focus Dailies contact lenses are a daily lens that keep the eyes feeling fresh throughout the day.  Every time the wearer blinks, the lens will release a moisturizing agent.  The amount of moisture released is just right.  Users will no longer have to worry about their eyes becoming too dry or too wet!
An added benefit of this product is that the lenses are stable.  They will not shift around in the eye or fall out.  Fog is also not an issue with Focus Dailies.  These features make this brand of daily lenses a perfect alternative to glasses.
Daily contact lenses can be worn underneath protective eyewear.  People with poor vision no longer have to do without sunglasses.  They can now pair up their lenses with a pair of sunglasses and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.
As these lenses are designed to last for a single day, they are very soft.  That being said, they are still durable and resistant to pollen and protein build-up.  Even people with allergies can wear Focus Dailies.
The lenses themselves contain AquaRelease moisturizer.  This moisturizer is made of the same lubricant that is found in eye drops.  Focus Dailies wearers will not have to use eye drops in addition to their lenses.  This will save them a good amount of time and money.
Some people do not like the idea of inserting a new pair of lenses every day.  These consumers will be pleased to learn that the insertion process is quick and easy.  In fact, the lenses have marks on them for guided insertion.  These marks will not affect the color of the eyes and cannot be seen when the lenses are in the eyes.  Putting in a new pair of lenses is actually quicker than cleaning lenses every day.
Users of Focus Dailies will save room in their purse or backpack.  As they do not have to carry around cleaning supplies, their bag will be lighter.  Consumers should carry around an extra pair of lenses in case they lose one.
Focus Dailies are a great product that correct vision and keep the eyes moisturized.  They are suitable for those who wear lenses every day and for people who only wear them occasionally.  Consumers who are interested in this product should speak to their optometrist.  Dailies can be purchased in boxes of 90 lenses.

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Acuvue MoistIf you are new to wearing contact lenses or you only like to wear your contacts on a part time basis, you may want to look into the Acuvue Moist line offered by Johnson & Johnson. This is known to be one of the best types of lenses for such wearers simply because you are able to toss them after only one use. Since they are disposable, you never have to worry about a build up of allergens or dust like a lot of other contact lenses. Upon using them, it is easy to see just why they are known to be the best choice for people who may already suffer from irritation or allergies.
Acuvue Moist line of contact lenses have been labeled as having improved comfort by the FDA for people who have mild allergies. Made from Lacreon technology by Acuvue, these lenses have the ability to offer up top notch comfort as well as convenience for the wearer. If you have ever suffered from dry eye syndrome, the chances are you have been subject to a number of the ways that manufacturer's tried to remedy the problem.
In the past, a lot of manufacturers would add a wetting agent to the packing solution to help keep the contact lenses feeling more moist over time. The major problem with this type of a method is that the wetting solution would wear away little by little every single time the wearer would blink. By the end of the day of wearing the lenses, the wearer would often end up with dry and irritated eyes and discomfort. At this time, the lenses were only good and comfortable as long as they were still new and well lubricated with the wetting agent.
With the current introduction of the Acuvue Moist Lacreon technology, the wearer will find that their eyes will stay wet much longer. Instead of having the wetting solution on the surface of the contact, such material was actually made to be infused into the lenses themselves. Instead of it simply being coated on with the chance of coming off with wear, the solution is embedded into the lens and works longer to keep the eye properly lubricated. No matter the environment you are in, you will have the ability to blink and have your eyelids glide smoothly over the lens throughout the day. Because these Moist contact lenses by Acuvue are also disposable, you never have to worry about any chance of them drying out because you can simply toss them and start fresh each day with a new pair.

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Acuvue TrueyeThere are many people who will look at wearing contact lenses as a sort of convenience as well as comfort and the overall look. Because contact lenses will sit on the surface area of the eye, there can end up being a variety of issues that can arise whenever the individual does not take care of them or perform proper hygiene. Even though the eyes have a smaller surface that comes in contact with the environment around us, they still have to be able to absorb oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere and breathe. To help with all of these issues and more, the Acuvue brand has now developed a line of 1-Day contact lenses known as TruEye.
This newer line of contact lenses is said to be the very first disposable daily lens, which is why it is referred to as 1-Day in the name. These contacts are made from a material known as silicone hydrogel that includes a breakthrough moisturizing agent that will allow for the maximum amount of oxygen penetration for the cornea of the eye. When you have the ability to let your eyes breathe, you know that your eyes are going to remain clear looking and fresh even when the lenses are worn for an extended period of time. Other older versions of these contacts were often known to keep the eyes from properly absorbing oxygen which would then lead to weary, red eyes.
The great thing about the materials that go into the contact lenses known as 1-Day Acuvue TruEye is that they are able to give a wonderful wet and smooth surface. This unique feature allows for a dramatic reduction in the amount of friction that can take place against the overall surface of the eye. When worn, these contacts can assure the wearer that their eyes will be subject to much less irritation from dryness or having any sort of foreign matter on the surface.
When you look at health today as it pertains to the sun, we are constantly being reminded that it is important to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays. In order to protect the skin, we use a variety of different sunblocks and be sure to wear hats or other protective clothing. Unfortunately, many people will actually neglect their eyes as needing to be protected from the sun as well. While you may have a hat that will provide coverage or a pair of sunglasses, you are going to find that you are not getting the proper amount of UV protection. The harmful rays can still come in contact with your eyes if they are not protected properly. The disposable contact lenses with TruEye by Acuvue give the wearer the ability to protect their eyes with an added level of UVB and UVA blocking ability.

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Acuvue OasysDo you use contact lenses? Wearing lenses is a great way to correct your vision without having to wear glasses, even though you have probably noticed that lenses can make your eyes tired or dry. Switching to Acuvue Oasys contact lenses could be a solution to avoid getting dry or tired eyes.
Acuvue Oasys lenses will make your eyes more comfortable thanks to the Hydraclear Plus technology. The lenses allow for a better transmission of oxygen when compared to other lenses. The lenses feel more comfortable, there is less friction between the eye and the lenses and you won't get that unpleasant feeling of dryness. The lenses have been tested in tough environments and the Hydraclear Plus technology really made a difference.
You can wear Acuvue Oasys contact lenses for six nights continuously or choose to remove them at the end of the day. If you clean them properly, they will last two weeks. Your wearing schedule can vary in function of what needs to be corrected. Inserting the lenses is very easy. The lenses have a very light blue tint so you can easily spot them and insert them.
The price of Acuvue Oasys contact lenses vary in function of what needs to be corrected. You will find that prices are very reasonable, considering you can make a pair last for a couple of weeks. You can order these lenses online or at your local pharmacy if you know what your prescription is.
You should give Acuvue Oasys a try if you wear contact lenses. You will definitely feel an improvement thanks to the higher amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes. If you often feel that your eyes are irritated, dry or tired, trying Acuvue Oasys will definitely improve your life.

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Contact Lens Care 2For those of us who have ever gone to the local supermarket or drugstore and have seen the wide array of products for lens care, it can be quite daunting.  Though this may be the case, it is truly important to know the proper care for soft contact lenses, because lack of care can result in a variety of eye conditions and infection.

In reality, soft contact lens care has been made easier with the advancement in lens technology and solutions. There are one step cleaners, and all in one bottle care packages to ease your stress in this matter.  Whichever care you choose, it is important to know that you should always consult your local eye doctor before switching or changing your lens care regimen.  Using incompatible products can cause both your eyes harm, and your lenses.

To ease you into the barrage of bottles and boxes, it helps to know the steps to proper  lens care.  Even knowledge of certain brands can be a help, since some have been known to cause irritation or worse.

The Basic Principles of Soft Contact Lens Care

1. Wash your hands well to avoid transferring dirt, dust and germs to your eye. Try not to use moisturizing soaps or cleansers, since they are not good for contact lenses. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel.

2. Remove one lens at a time and clean it with the recommended cleaning solution. This cleaning removes buildup, cosmetic debris and other materials that may impair lens comfort. The FDA recommends that you rub the lenses in the palm of your hand with a few drops of cleaning solution. This is a good idea even if you are using a "no-rub" product.

3. Now rinse the lens again thoroughly and remove the now-loosened debris. Always be sure to take as much time as the package recommends. Rinsing is a vital step.

4. Place the lens in a clean lens case or lens holder and fill it with fresh cleaning solution. Do not "top off" your old cleaning solution. Disinfecting will kill microorganisms on the lens.

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Contact Lenses 3Many individuals suffering from eyesight problems are considering switching from wearing traditional eyeglasses to contact lenses. Because of advancing technology, patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurry vision, and age-related vision problems now have the ability to have nearly perfect eyesight with contact lenses.

Daily Wear

Soft contact lenses designed for daily wear are usually the most affordable option. These types of lenses can be worn throughout the day. They are removed each night at bedtime, to be disinfected and cleaned. How long the contact lenses last is often dependent on the design by the manufacturer.

Extended Wear

Individuals that suffer from eyesight problems can benefit by wearing soft contact lenses that are designed for extended wear. Just like daily wear contact lenses, these need to be removed at bedtime, cleaned and disinfected. Wearing them overnight does increase the potential of eye infections. However, it is often the result of extended wear over many nights in a row.

Disposable Contacts

There are even soft contact lenses that are designed to be disposable. These tend to be the most expensive option in eye care. Disposable contact lenses are manufactured for a recommended period including monthly, weekly or daily. Once the contact lenses have reached their limit of wear, they can be discarded. These are highly effective for individuals that do not tolerate disinfection solutions well, or are willing to pay a high premium for the convenience it provides.

Hard Contact Lenses

There have been huge advancements in hard contact lens technology over the last few decades. Many lenses are built rigid and gas permeable while still providing a crisp, clear vision to tackle nearly any eyesight problem. In fact, hard contact lenses tend to have more breathability than a soft contact lens, which will reduce the potential of eye infections.

To maintain a crisp, clear vision, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and preparing every set of contact lenses.

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Contact Lenses 2Many more individuals that suffer with vision problems are seeing the advantage of wearing contact lenses over and above traditional eyewear. In fact, contact lenses are available for patients with a variety of eyesight problems that include:


Long sightedness (Hyperopia)

Short sightedness (Myopia)

Age-related eye problems (Presbyopia)

Advancements in contact lens technology remain safe, and an affordable way to achieve a comfortable, clear vision for many individuals.

Contacts provide numerous benefits over refractive surgeries and traditional eyewear. Compared to eyeglasses, contacts provide easier where during driving, sports activities and leisure. This is because it offers a wider field of view, much less susceptibility to fogging, and eliminates the potential of dislodging or slipping off the face, caused by dirt and sweat like eyeglasses. In fact, wearing contact lenses allows the individual to wear protective eyewear or decorative sunglasses without a hassle.

Contact Lens Material

Over the last few decades, the material used to fabricate contact lenses has advanced significantly. The latest generation of contact lenses breathes much easier, and increase comfortableness for the wearer. This provides minimal complications when wearing contacts for extended periods.

In addition, today’s contacts are much easier to adapt to, because of the soft and pliable material. Even daily disposable contacts are available. Changing the contacts each day minimizes any potential of infection or other serious adverse ocular event because it minimizes lens contamination, deposits, along with wear and tear.

Because contact lenses offer high oxygen permeability, they can be worn for extended hours while still maintaining clear and healthy eyes. If the regimen for cleaning the lenses is adhered to, the contacts remain convenient and safe while providing optimal vision.

Because today’s contacts are so much better than those manufactured in the past, both children and adults have much better eyesight when wearing them every day.

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Contact LensesThere are many benefits to wearing contact lenses over traditional eyeglasses. In fact, many individuals that wear eyeglasses choose to wear contacts every now and then, to achieve better vision.

This is because contact lenses are worn directly on the eye and create a more natural vision, when compared to eyeglasses that tend to create distortion between the lens and the eye. In fact, contact lenses allow the entire field of view to remain in focus unlike the poor peripheral vision created by eyeglasses. This is especially important when driving or participating in sports, when it is important to see as much as possible around you.

Contacts do not create an annoying obstruction or reflection like what often happens on the backside of eyeglass lenses. Contact lenses have no weight like traditional eyeglasses that often result in discomfort. This is important because eyewear frames commonly slip down the nose.

Contacts can be worn anywhere, because they do not fog up like glass eyewear in fluctuating temperatures. Because of that, contacts tend to be the lens most utilize by athletes that do not want distractions during sporting events or games. In addition, lenses do not have the ability to collect precipitation that could cause your vision to blur. Eyeglasses often become extremely annoying when it is snowing or raining outside.

Unlike eyewear that must complement your changing outfits, contacts match everything, because they are nearly invisible. In addition, contact lenses will not detract from the wearer’s appearance, or create a barrier where individuals cannot see your eyes directly.

Contacts are affordably priced for every prescription strength.

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Contact Lenses3It doesn't matter how poor your vision is, you probably know that owning glasses is no picnic. Glasses are not only expensive, but they are very limiting when it comes to participating in sports or just working around the home. Even more so, some glasses can become very uncomfortable after just a couple of hours of wear, but contact lenses are a versatile option. Many people choose contact lenses over glasses for several reasons.

1. Overall, if you want to get the most out of your vision, contact lenses are it. You get all around vision without a loss of peripheral vision, which is something that glasses can't give you. You also don't have to worry about distorted vision or thick frames getting into your field of vision.

2. Contact lenses can work for you no matter the weather. You know what a pain it is to have fogged up glasses or ones with greasy fingerprints. Even more so to the point, rain can interfere with your ability to see, but contact lenses can take care of that.

3. If you would like to participate in sports or other activities that you can't do with glasses, contact lenses are very versatile. You don't have to worry about your glasses falling off or slipping.

4. Contact lenses are by far superior to glasses, but they aren't invasive like laser eye surgery. They are very affordable and they give you the feeling of perfect vision.

5. You never have to choose between different frame styles or worry about your frames breaking when you have contact lenses. Contact lenses are invisible, always in style and easy to manage.

Most people overlook contact lenses when they need corrective eyewear, but it is an alternative to glasses that can save a lot of headaches. When you really think about it, there are very few reasons not to choose contact lenses.

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Contact Lenses2There are millions of people today, who prefer contact lenses to correct their vision than glasses. Ease of use and appearance are some of the reasons for their choice. Contact lenses can be purchased through online stores with ease than shopping in brick and mortar stores. This will help you to find affordable deals that are of high quality. However, you should be updated on the types of contact lenses before deciding to shop for them online. This article will educate you on the different types of lenses available in today's market.

Daily Wear Soft Lenses - They are made of soft plastic, which is flexible. This is ideal for people with active lifestyles. It is easy to wear but, not easy to dislodge. These should be replaced on an annual basis, and you should clean and take care of them regularly.

Extended Wear - These are extremely popular online as it allows for overnight wear. Eye specialists recommend them for a complete week's wear.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses - RGP a.k.a. rigid gas permeable lenses are quite hard, and made of flexible plastic. The lenses are designed to allow oxygen to easily flow to the eyes. They are easy to put on, comfortable, durable and guarantees excellent vision. There are bifocals and tints available.

Extended Disposable Wear - They are soft lenses, and can be worn for a week at a stretch. Minimal cleaning requirement is an advantage. When worn as per the recommendation, there aren't any risks to the eyes. Handling is a bit difficult and they are available as bifocals and tints.

All of the above lenses can be purchased via reputed online stores. Checking for customer reviews and ratings for various online deals will keep you in good stead in selecting the best online deals.

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Contact LensesContact lenses are here to stay. They are a great alternative to spectacles. Millions of people prefer contact lenses to correct their vision than glasses. Convenience, looks and many more reasons can affect their choice of wearing lenses than specs. However, purchasing contact lenses online can be the best option available when it comes to ordering lenses. This article will guide you on how to select the best deal when purchasing them online.
There are numerous options available when purchasing lenses online. Disposable lenses, color contacts, and so many other options can leave the purchaser puzzled as to what he or she should select. What can the customer do to find the best pair of lenses online? Lens experts recommend the following steps in order to be successful in your selection.
The credibility of the service provider can be judged by their website. The website must be professional and direct you to the best deals with easy navigational steps. A complicated website will make it impossible for the purchaser to find the best deals online. Lenses can differ in many ways. The color, diameter, curvature and the power of the lenses may wary. A trustworthy company will have an assorted selection on their company website. Checking the credibility of the owners of the company is also important when selecting the best deal online. Online stores will allow the customer to compare prices more easily than in an offline store. A few clicks of the mouse can help you to locate affordable deals that are of high quality.
Customers have the option of checking user ratings and reviews for specific lenses in an online store. This cannot be done offline. The best deals will have higher ratings and better user reviews than not so popular deals. This will make the buying decision easy for the customer. The above mentioned steps will keep you in good stead when selecting the best online deals for contact lenses.

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Contact LensesA lot of people know of contacts but they are still amazed to discover exactly how long ago contact lenses were created. Clearly, vision is one thing doctors have taken extremely seriously for a long period, and discovering a far easier answer than eyeglasses was a top priority during the 1800's. Beginning lenses were, nevertheless, a great deal of experimentation for quite a while.
The idea of contact lenses was typically initially looked into by an English astronomer way back in 1827. It was, nonetheless, only a thought at this stage with no true development being made till the late 1800's when a German guy named Mullen produced what's considered to be the very first recognized glass lenses in 1887. Even so nothing much came of these up until the 1930's and 40's when hard plastic contact lenses started to surface. The plastic contacts carried on their advancement in the 50's and the 60's shrinking in size, getting thinner as well as lighter - all very desirable traits. Nevertheless, contact lenses did not really start to truly "take off" in recognition until the soft lens technology was created. The issue was basically that in spite of all the enhancements in hard lenses through the years, they still were simply not very comfortable and lots of individuals had troubles adapting to their day-to-day usage. All that improved with the creation of the soft contact lens.
Bausch & Lomb launched the very first soft lenses in 1971, but actually they were in development since the 50's - it simply required lots of technical improvements to get them prepared for release. Soft contacs transformed permanently how lenses were seen and their comfort only went on to increase and with this their sales as well as popularity rose. These days over 90% of all lenses sold are soft ones - which should point out a great deal for the significance of its creation.

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Extended Wear ContactsWe have seen a lot of current advancements when it comes to contact lenses to offer more choices for customers. Contacts are very important and a impressive tool for fixing issues with a person's eyesight. On the other hand, there are several types of contact lenses available for functions besides rectifying eyesight issues. There are actually 5 types of contact contacts which includes colored, soft, hard, toric, as well as bifocal.

Colored contact lenses are functional and also fun to use. You'll find 4 kinds of colored contacts. Color tint adjusts the color of one's eyes by making use of opaque and dark tints. Visibility tint have soft shades to assist you find them should you unintentionally drop them. Light blocking tints are specially made to aid sportsmen by increasing particular colors such as contact lenses for tennis players. The improvement tint in addition enhances the natural color of the eyes by utilizing a transparent tint.

Soft lenses are made from a soft plastic and so they maintain more moisture. As a result, this means they are far more comfortable to use. These are typically throw away contact lenses that can be disposed of after using them for a certain time period. Hard contacts are definitely more sturdy than soft ones. They offer the user sharper vision and they are very easy to handle as well as maintain. Bifocal contact lenses are particularly designed for people who have presbyopia to offer them better vision and they have exactly the same functionality as bifocal eyeglasses. Toric lenses are suitable for anyone who has astigmatism. They're constructed from comparable materials as various other contacts, and they may be rigid or soft gas permeable. No matter what type of contacts you would like, be sure to talk to your optometrist prior to buying them to be sure that they're the very best ones for your eyes.

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Contact Lens CareThe eye is one of the most significant component of your body. That is why you really need to take care of your eyes. Contact lens users need to take good care of their lenses as well. Wearing a soiled and broken lens may result in an eye infection or various other eye problems. Taking care of your lenses is a simple task. Here are some fundamental lens care tips.

Make sure that your hands and fingers are thoroughly clean before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Wash your hands with a mild soap and wipe them dry by using a lint free cloth. It's also important to keep your finger nails short to prevent scratching your lenses, not to mention your eyes. It is a good plan to insert your contacts very first, just before applying makeup. If possible, use hypo-allergenic skincare/makeup. Before putting your lenses on, you can give them a quick cleaning. To do this, put the lens in the palm of your hand and squirt some contact lens solution on top. Then use the index finger of your other hand and carefully rub the contact. Rinse it off by dropping a bit more solution.

Never use tap water to soak or clean your contact lenses! Only use lens solutions to disinfect as well as soak your contacts. Once you have used the solution, get rid off it because it is made for being used one time only. No matter what kind of contact lenses you will use, all of them will eventually attain protein build up (inless you wear daily disposable ones). Thoroughly clean your contacts using products recommended by your eye doctor. Additionally, clean your lens case so that the contacts won't be infected. The storage case should be changed out every 1-2 months. At all times remove your daily lenses before going to bed so your eyes can rest whilst your contacts won't be damaged. Extended wear contacts can be used continuously, however for a specific number of days only. Never share your contact lenses with other people.

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