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Vision Direct Contacts

Contact Lenses 2Many more individuals that suffer with vision problems are seeing the advantage of wearing contact lenses over and above traditional eyewear. In fact, contact lenses are available for patients with a variety of eyesight problems that include:


             Long sightedness (Hyperopia)

             Short sightedness (Myopia)

             Age-related eye problems (Presbyopia)

Advancements in contact lens technology remain safe, and an affordable way to achieve a comfortable, clear vision for many individuals.

Contacts provide numerous benefits over refractive surgeries and traditional eyewear. Compared to eyeglasses, contacts provide easier where during driving, sports activities and leisure. This is because it offers a wider field of view, much less susceptibility to fogging, and eliminates the potential of dislodging or slipping off the face, caused by dirt and sweat like eyeglasses. In fact, wearing contact lenses allows the individual to wear protective eyewear or decorative sunglasses without a hassle.

Contact Lens Material

Over the last few decades, the material used to fabricate contact lenses has advanced significantly. The latest generation of contact lenses breathes much easier, and increase comfortableness for the wearer. This provides minimal complications when wearing contacts for extended periods.

In addition, today’s contacts are much easier to adapt to, because of the soft and pliable material. Even daily disposable contacts are available. Changing the contacts each day minimizes any potential of infection or other serious adverse ocular event because it minimizes lens contamination, deposits, along with wear and tear.

Because contact lenses offer high oxygen permeability, they can be worn for extended hours while still maintaining clear and healthy eyes. If the regimen for cleaning the lenses is adhered to, the contacts remain convenient and safe while providing optimal vision.

Because today’s contacts are so much better than those manufactured in the past, both children and adults have much better eyesight when wearing them every day.

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