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Contact LensesA lot of people know of contacts but they are still amazed to discover exactly how long ago contact lenses were created. Clearly, vision is one thing doctors have taken extremely seriously for a long period, and discovering a far easier answer than eyeglasses was a top priority during the 1800′s. Beginning lenses were, nevertheless, a great deal of experimentation for quite a while.

The idea of contact lenses was typically initially looked into by an English astronomer way back in 1827. It was, nonetheless, only a thought at this stage with no true development being made till the late 1800′s when a German guy named Mullen produced what’s considered to be the very first recognized glass lenses in 1887. Even so nothing much came of these up until the 1930′s and 40′s when hard plastic contact lenses started to surface. The plastic contacts carried on their advancement in the 50′s and the 60′s shrinking in size, getting thinner as well as lighter – all very desirable traits. Nevertheless, contact lenses did not really start to truly “take off” in recognition until the soft lens technology was created. The issue was basically that in spite of all the enhancements in hard lenses through the years, they still were simply not very comfortable and lots of individuals had troubles adapting to their day-to-day usage. All that improved with the creation of the soft contact lens.

Bausch & Lomb launched the very first soft lenses in 1971, but actually they were in development since the 50′s – it simply required lots of technical improvements to get them prepared for release. Soft contacs transformed permanently how lenses were seen and their comfort only went on to increase and with this their sales as well as popularity rose. These days over 90% of all lenses sold are soft ones – which should point out a great deal for the significance of its creation.

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