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Acuvue MoistIf you are new to wearing contact lenses or you only like to wear your contacts on a part time basis, you may want to look into the Acuvue Moist line offered by Johnson & Johnson. This is known to be one of the best types of lenses for such wearers simply because you are able to toss them after only one use. Since they are disposable, you never have to worry about a build up of allergens or dust like a lot of other contact lenses. Upon using them, it is easy to see just why they are known to be the best choice for people who may already suffer from irritation or allergies.

Acuvue Moist line of contact lenses have been labeled as having improved comfort by the FDA for people who have mild allergies. Made from Lacreon technology by Acuvue, these lenses have the ability to offer up top notch comfort as well as convenience for the wearer. If you have ever suffered from dry eye syndrome, the chances are you have been subject to a number of the ways that manufacturer’s tried to remedy the problem.

In the past, a lot of manufacturers would add a wetting agent to the packing solution to help keep the contact lenses feeling more moist over time. The major problem with this type of a method is that the wetting solution would wear away little by little every single time the wearer would blink. By the end of the day of wearing the lenses, the wearer would often end up with dry and irritated eyes and discomfort. At this time, the lenses were only good and comfortable as long as they were still new and well lubricated with the wetting agent.

With the current introduction of the Acuvue Moist Lacreon technology, the wearer will find that their eyes will stay wet much longer. Instead of having the wetting solution on the surface of the contact, such material was actually made to be infused into the lenses themselves. Instead of it simply being coated on with the chance of coming off with wear, the solution is embedded into the lens and works longer to keep the eye properly lubricated. No matter the environment you are in, you will have the ability to blink and have your eyelids glide smoothly over the lens throughout the day. Because these Moist contact lenses by Acuvue are also disposable, you never have to worry about any chance of them drying out because you can simply toss them and start fresh each day with a new pair.

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