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Contact Lens CareThe eye is one of the most significant component of your body. That is why you really need to take care of your eyes. Contact lens users need to take good care of their lenses as well. Wearing a soiled and broken lens may result in an eye infection or various other eye problems. Taking care of your lenses is a simple task.

Here are some fundamental lens care tips. Make sure that your hands and fingers are thoroughly clean before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Wash your hands with a mild soap and wipe them dry by using a lint free cloth. It’s also important to keep your finger nails short to prevent scratching your lenses, not to mention your eyes. It is a good plan to insert your contacts very first, just before applying makeup. If possible, use hypo-allergenic skincare/makeup. Before putting your lenses on, you can give them a quick cleaning. To do this, put the lens in the palm of your hand and squirt some contact lens solution on top. Then use the index finger of your other hand and carefully rub the contact. Rinse it off by dropping a bit more solution.

Never use tap water to soak or clean your contact lenses! Only use lens solutions to disinfect as well as soak your contacts. Once you have used the solution, get rid off it because it is made for being used one time only. No matter what kind of contact lenses you will use, all of them will eventually attain protein build up (inless you wear daily disposable ones). Thoroughly clean your contacts using products recommended by your eye doctor. Additionally, clean your lens case so that the contacts won’t be infected. The storage case should be changed out every 1-2 months.

At all times remove your daily lenses before going to bed so your eyes can rest whilst your contacts won’t be damaged. Extended wear contacts can be used continuously, however for a specific number of days only. Never share your contact lenses with other people.

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