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Vision Direct Contacts

Contact LensesThere are many benefits to wearing contact lenses over traditional eyeglasses. In fact, many individuals that wear eyeglasses choose to wear contacts every now and then, to achieve better vision.

This is because contact lenses are worn directly on the eye and create a more natural vision, when compared to eyeglasses that tend to create distortion between the lens and the eye. In fact, contact lenses allow the entire field of view to remain in focus unlike the poor peripheral vision created by eyeglasses. This is especially important when driving or participating in sports, when it is important to see as much as possible around you.

Contacts do not create an annoying obstruction or reflection like what often happens on the backside of eyeglass lenses. Contact lenses have no weight like traditional eyeglasses that often result in discomfort. This is important because eyewear frames commonly slip down the nose.

Contacts can be worn anywhere, because they do not fog up like glass eyewear in fluctuating temperatures. Because of that, contacts tend to be the lens most utilize by athletes that do not want distractions during sporting events or games. In addition, lenses do not have the ability to collect precipitation that could cause your vision to blur. Eyeglasses often become extremely annoying when it is snowing or raining outside.

Unlike eyewear that must complement your changing outfits, contacts match everything, because they are nearly invisible. In addition, contact lenses will not detract from the wearer’s appearance, or create a barrier where individuals cannot see your eyes directly.

Contacts are affordably priced for every prescription strength.

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