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Acuvue TrueyeThere are many people who will look at wearing contact lenses as a sort of convenience as well as comfort and the overall look. Because contact lenses will sit on the surface area of the eye, there can end up being a variety of issues that can arise whenever the individual does not take care of them or perform proper hygiene. Even though the eyes have a smaller surface that comes in contact with the environment around us, they still have to be able to absorb oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere and breathe. To help with all of these issues and more, the Acuvue brand has now developed a line of 1-Day contact lenses known as TruEye.

This newer line of contact lenses is said to be the very first disposable daily lens, which is why it is referred to as 1-Day in the name. These contacts are made from a material known as silicone hydrogel that includes a breakthrough moisturizing agent that will allow for the maximum amount of oxygen penetration for the cornea of the eye. When you have the ability to let your eyes breathe, you know that your eyes are going to remain clear looking and fresh even when the lenses are worn for an extended period of time. Other older versions of these contacts were often known to keep the eyes from properly absorbing oxygen which would then lead to weary, red eyes.

The great thing about the materials that go into the contact lenses known as 1-Day Acuvue TruEye is that they are able to give a wonderful wet and smooth surface. This unique feature allows for a dramatic reduction in the amount of friction that can take place against the overall surface of the eye. When worn, these contacts can assure the wearer that their eyes will be subject to much less irritation from dryness or having any sort of foreign matter on the surface.

When you look at health today as it pertains to the sun, we are constantly being reminded that it is important to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays. In order to protect the skin, we use a variety of different sunblocks and be sure to wear hats or other protective clothing. Unfortunately, many people will actually neglect their eyes as needing to be protected from the sun as well. While you may have a hat that will provide coverage or a pair of sunglasses, you are going to find that you are not getting the proper amount of UV protection. The harmful rays can still come in contact with your eyes if they are not protected properly. The disposable contact lenses with TruEye by Acuvue give the wearer the ability to protect their eyes with an added level of UVB and UVA blocking ability.

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