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Contact Lenses2There are millions of people today, who prefer contact lenses to correct their vision than glasses. Ease of use and appearance are some of the reasons for their choice. Contact lenses can be purchased through online stores with ease than shopping in brick and mortar stores. This will help you to find affordable deals that are of high quality. However, you should be updated on the types of contact lenses before deciding to shop for them online. This article will educate you on the different types of lenses available in today’s market.

Daily Wear Soft Lenses – They are made of soft plastic, which is flexible. This is ideal for people with active lifestyles. It is easy to wear but, not easy to dislodge. These should be replaced on an annual basis, and you should clean and take care of them regularly.

Extended Wear – These are extremely popular online as it allows for overnight wear. Eye specialists recommend them for a complete week’s wear.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses – RGP a.k.a. rigid gas permeable lenses are quite hard, and made of flexible plastic. The lenses are designed to allow oxygen to easily flow to the eyes. They are easy to put on, comfortable, durable and guarantees excellent vision. There are bifocals and tints available.

Extended Disposable Wear – They are soft lenses, and can be worn for a week at a stretch. Minimal cleaning requirement is an advantage. When worn as per the recommendation, there aren’t any risks to the eyes. Handling is a bit difficult and they are available as bifocals and tints.

All of the above lenses can be purchased via reputed online stores. Checking for customer reviews and ratings for various online deals will keep you in good stead in selecting the best online deals.

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